Information About The Best Forestry Schools In The United States

With the onslaught of environmental disasters engulfing our planet these days, more and more people are looking to enter the world of agriculture and forestry. There is a large number of forestry schools in the country, some of them public, and some private. Some forestry schools focus specifically on forestry, while most others offer other courses too. To obtain a career in forestry the student will need to obtain a Masterís of Science degree from one of the many forestry schools in the United States.

The Archimedes Forestry Schools

Archimedes Forestry Schools offer various programs that are aimed at forestry and agriculture alone, with numerous levels and courses to choose from. This school offers different levels of study, with the student being able to complete just one level, purely to learn a bit more about the topic, or higher levels can be achieved for those wanting to go into a forestry related career. Their courses are sectioned into modules, which makes learning easier for those with families and a little less time on their hands.

California Polytechnic State University

The California Polytechnic State University is a public school that offers the student a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and Natural Resources, as well as a Masterís of Science degree in the forestry field. Coursework includes Forest and Environmental Practices, Wildland Fire, Environmental Planning and Assessment, Natural Resources Recreation, Watershed Management and Hydrology, Urban Forestry, and Fuels Management.

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Colorado State University

The Colorado State University is also a public school, but unlike the California Polytechnic State University, this school offers a larger department dedicated to the forestry field. This is a main stream forestry schools and offers a more formal study plan that the student will have to follow. At the Colorado State University a Minor or Major in forestry can be taken and specific fields within the industry can be concentrated on like Forest Fire, Forest Biology, Forest Management and more.

Alabama A & M University

At the Alabama A & M University students can enrol in a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry. The course offers a Major in Forestry Sciences and Forest Management, where students can minor in topics like Wildlife Biology, Remote Sensing/GIS and Fisheries. The student can also choose to pursue a Masterís degree at this school and go even further for a PhD in the industry. This school also offers its students summer employment opportunities, so that they can gain practical experience in the field, which is what most employers look for.

Wages Earned After Graduating From Forestry Schools

Depending on the position and the company that a Forestry graduate works for, and whether he or she is working in the public sector or the private sector, the minimum wage in this industry is approximately $45,000.00 a year. The maximum wage offered in the forestry field for those with Masterís and PhD degrees goes up to $85,000.00 a year for the individual working in one of the top positions in the forestry and natural resources industry. There are plenty of other forestry schools in the country offering Bachelor and Masterís degrees which will provide excellent knowledge and top benefits in the future.
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